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MTN slams ‘disinformation campaign’


MTN has rubbished talk that any of the company’s clients have been disconnected by disgruntled workers, describing such suggestions as a “classic disinformation campaign”.

Reports of alleged disconnections started surfacing early on Thursday after a Johannesburg-based talk radio station took a call from a listener complaining about not having access to the MTN network.

The suggestion from the caller, who had allegedly spoken to a worker in MTN’s branch in Springs, was that unhappy employees were switching off mobile contracts — 200 000 of them, according to the caller — and that this was done “out of spite”.

Members of the Communication Workers Union — most of them working in MTN’s call centre operations — are involved in a protracted strike, demanding better pay from the mobile operator.

But MTN South Africa human resources executive Themba Nyathi said there is absolutely no truth to suggestions that customers have been cut off by rogue employees.

“It’s a classic disinformation campaign. Our IT systems can pick up anyone disconnecting customers. It’s a false story,” he said.

“We are monitoring suspensions. This is unfounded. You are more than welcome to send ‘unauthorised’ suspension examples,” he added.  — © 2015 NewsCentral Media


  1. marius de wet on

    To the Exec team at MTN you don’t have a clue about your network operations nor security vulnerabilities…
    The CIO himself has no formal qualifications and is backed by a bunch of clueless managers who are standing in since your last wave of retrenchments in November2014.
    Pity as always,the man in the street with a MTN contract pays the price.
    Strike or No Strike….MTN You Suck ..Love ex Loyal Staff !!!!

  2. Dear Marius, you must have been gone a long time because you have no clue.

  3. No need for disgruntled employees to disconnect customers, MTN does that themselves. They tell prospective clients that they fall within the network range, then when the clients find out that the service is virtually nonexistent, MTN simply ignores all of their complaints and enquiries. I know. It has been happening to me for almost 2 years and is continuing. I have a mile-long paper trail to prove my point.

  4. Ditto to everything you say! I, as will many of my colleagues & friends, will no longer touch anything that is related to MTN. And so far happiness prevails.

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