Author Patrick Cairns


SA’s new stock exchange green-lighted

The Financial Services Board’s appeal board has dismissed the consolidated appeals of the JSE and 4AX against the regulator’s granting of a licence to new exchange ZAR X. The judgment, handed down on Thursday


JSE rival files competition complaint

Newly licensed stock exchange ZAR X has approached the Competition Commission to investigate whether the JSE’s appeal against its licence amounts to anticompetitive behaviour. The Financial Services Board granted ZAR X a licence


A fourth industrial revolution?

The world has been through three recognised industrial revolutions. The first came with the invention of steam power in the mid 1700s. The second, around 100 years later, harnessed electrical power for mass production. The third, another 100 years after that


JSE not trying to shut out new rival: CEO

Speaking after the JSE released interim results on Friday afternoon, CEO Nicky Newton-King said that the exchange is not opposed to new market entrants. This follows claims by potential new rival ZAR


US dominates with world’s largest firms

Although the rise of China as an economic power has been substantial, it is sometimes worthwhile to be reminded of just how the US still dominates the world economy. While China may be catching up in GDP terms, it is still a long way behind


The incredible story of Alibaba

In 2015, the total value of e-commerce in China was US$603bn. Of that, $485bn, or 80%, went through Alibaba. The scale of the company’s dominance in the country is quite staggering, and speaking at the Consumer Goods


Economic crime in SA at ‘pandemic level’

More than two thirds of South African organisations say that they have been victims of economic crime in the past 24 months. This is according to PwC’s Global Economic Crime survey. Economic crimes include misappropriation of assets, procurement fraud


What’s next for Naspers

There can be little argument that over the last 10 years, Naspers has been one of the best investments in the world. The share price has seemed to be on an unstoppable growth trajectory as it has


Finally, some clarity from MTN

After two weeks of uncertainty in which its share price fell by 17,5%, MTN finally provided some clarity to shareholders on Monday. The announcement that CEO Sifiso Dabengwa had resigned with immediate effect led to the first substantial engagement with the market since the operator was issued


MTN leaves market guessing

In a rather bizarre non-event, trading in MTN shares was suspended for a little over two hours on the JSE on Monday, pending an announcement from the company. Trading however resumed in the