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  1. Yeah. Thanks Jerm. Finally I found an appropriate place to voice my frustration with that fool.

    Every time he opens his mouth he sounds like he was brainwashed. Most likely though he is just a guy with zero competency who was promised a job by a buddy where he will be super well paid as long as he keeps spouting the same rubbish over and over again. So without this script he’s reading from he is nothing. Most likely unemployable for all practical purposes. I wonder if he even knows the damage he is doing to the good people of South Africa.

    Folks.. If ever you wondered why you should oppose the people who put Hlaudi into place.. Just realize that the news will sound exactly like this if this is allowed to continue. They will tell you the sky is green and criticize (or worse – prosecute) people who fight to tell you it is okay to say the sky is blue. Elsewhere in Africa people die to report the news accurately – Tortured and murdered by autocratic governments. In SA we have people at the highest levels who want to take SA in the same direction.

    Do not accept it.

  2. Yep. Of course when you read opinion pieces often then it is clear enough that there are plenty of people who fully endorse their sordid ways.

    When will people realize that too much energy and money is being spent on the wrong things in our country. The wrong damned things.

  3. Hallelujah choir should be played when viewing this cartoon. I heard the news yesterday and almost started banging my head on the steering wheel out of frustration. WHAT A STUPID PERSON!!! HTF did he got his job?

  4. The best part of that interview was when he was asked to provide a few examples of non factual journalism and he went on and on about Nkandla and how the press was not acurate in their reporting.

    That just showed 100% where his alliance lies.

    I also found it interesting what he felt a reporters job is and limited to 100% factual reporting.

    Reporters are there to raise oppinions and allow discussions on social issues like a government that waste money left right and centre while jobs are being lost and the economy is contracting.

    The communist influence is alive and well in our current government!

  5. They are not stupid. They are very clever and deceitful.

    The uneducated and desperate listen to these fools and will sell all their freedoms to get out of their desperate circumstances.

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