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British firm claims world’s first ‘jet suit’ patent

A British company has been awarded what it claims is the world’s first patent for a “jet suit”.

Gravity Industries’ multi-gas turbine engine Jet Suit has been granted the right as the inventor of an apparatus enabling an individual to fly.

Company founder Richard Browning has previously demonstrated the suit in more than 20 countries and earned a Guinness World Record in 2017 for “the fastest speed in a body-controlled jet engine power suit”.

He said the firm now hoped to launch a racing series based on teams using the suit to navigate courses.

“Since launching Gravity in 2017, we have not stopped challenging the status quo,” he said. “Our current priority is the launch of a Gravity Race Series in late 2019, which will see a new cohort of diverse pilots putting their flight skills to the test, competing in teams on courses around the world.”

The patent, issued by the UK’s Intellectual Property Office, covers “a wearable flight system with a number of propulsion assemblies including a left-hand propulsion assembly and a right-hand propulsion assembly worn on a user’s hands and/or forearm.

Iron Man

“Preferably a body propulsion assembly is provided with support for a user’s waist or torso. Leg propulsion systems may also be provided.”

In documents that formed part of the patent claim, the company cited Marvel Studios’ Iron Man character and his use of a wearable flight system which utilises propulsion units worn on the hands.

The Jet Suit uses five gas turbines which collectively produce over 1 000 brake horsepower to gain flight, and can reach speeds of about 90km/h.

The firm said it was already in “advanced discussions” with possible host cities, broadcasters and sponsors over launching its race series in the second half of 2019.

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