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Last Friday, SpaceX achieved something incredible. It successfully landed one of its Falcon 9 rockets on a small barge bobbing in the ocean. This is after the rocket delivered a 1,5t supply payload for the International Space Station into orbit, and just nine minutes after it

Apple is looking really silly at the moment, right? After months of refusing to help the FBI unlock the iPhone of a suspected criminal, and calling those requests “a slippery slope” and “unconstitutional”, all it took was a week with some Israeli hackers-for-hire

On Saturday, something truly remarkable happened. An artificial intelligence program beat the (human) world champion at Go, an ancient Japanese board game. Google’s AlphaGo bot won its third match in the five match series against Korea’s Lee Sedol

Is your toaster spying on you? How about your fridge? In a few years that might not sound quite as ridiculous as it currently does. James Clapper, the US government’s director of national intelligence, has acknowledged that

How much would you pay to use YouTube? It’s a serious question. What if YouTube removed all those adverts? What if it offered exclusive content? Google, which owns YouTube, may soon have definitive answers to those questions. In late October last year, Google launched YouTube Red

What do Apple, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Samsung all have in common? Sure, all six are technology companies, but the similarity runs much deeper. All six are now battling with each other to dominate the next wave of technology innovation

Very soon – much sooner than you think – your car will drive itself. While you chat on the phone, work on your laptop, read or even sleep, your car will drive you wherever you need to go. In fact, in a decade or two, your car probably won’t even have a steering wheel or pedals