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The Huawei Mate 9 isn’t what you’d call an eye-catcher. The device looks quite inconspicuous, features a discrete exterior and lacks that certain wow factor. On the flipside of the coin: it does have

The new 5,2-inch Sony Xperia XZ (R12 999) is the high-end successor to last year’s 5,2-inch Z5, while the 4,6-inch Xperia X Compact (R10 999) is the 2016 update to the similarly sized Z5 Compact. In contrast to the entry-level Xperia XA

Modern-day flagship smartphones from brands such as Apple, Sony and Samsung are simply too expensive for most South Africans. Or some people just don’t want to break the bank on a telephone. For those, Vodacom’s 2014 Smart

The 2016 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona proved to be the ideal stage for smartphone makers to introduce a slew of new products. Sony was among them, presenting its new Xperia X range of next-generation smartphones, with

The digital camera industry has been at a relative standstill when compared to most sub-domains within the tech industry. Both dedicated cameras, as well as those embedded in mobile devices, have been steadily upgraded with more

Annual product refreshes of smartphones such as Apple’s iPhone or Samsung’s Galaxy S series have become so mildly iterative that it’s hard to get excited about the release of a new model. It’s not like the early days of the smartphone industry

If you need evidence that LG is capable of making world-class handsets, have a look at the new G5 smartphone. LG’s new flagship handset is a polished and compelling entrant into the high end of the smartphone market. I’m a lifelong Apple

There are plenty of wireless headphones on the market for those looking to beat the boredom of exercise with a bit of music while avoiding getting tangled up in a mess of wires. But Danish company Jabra has developed something a lot more desirable with its Sport Pulse Wireless