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We don’t usually review computer peripherals such as printers and keyboards on TechCentral. But Microsoft’s Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop – expect to pay about R1 200 – is so compelling, I thought we’d break with tradition

The LG G3 and the G2 before it were two of our favourite smartphone models of recent years. In those phones LG, the smaller Korean rival to consumer electronics behemoth Samsung, produced

HTC’s One M8, the Taiwanese company’s flagship phone for 2014, was – and still is – is a great smartphone. In fact, TechCentral chose it as the best high-end smartphone of last year, ahead of Apple’s iPhone 6 and LG’s G3. And we weren’t the

Mozilla is best known for its popular Firefox Web browser. But for the past four years, the company has been working on a smartphone and tablet platform called Firefox OS. The fruits of that labour have now arrived in South Africa, via MTN and phone maker Alcatel

To find out what concessions Samsung had to make in order to produce metal smartphones for a relatively low price, I worked and played with both the Galaxy A3 and A5 for a full week. I used both devices for typical home and light business related tasks such as browsing

The developing world will drive future growth of new smartphone connections, research released by industry body the GSMA at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in Spain this week showed. And it’s cheap, entry-level devices that will drive that uptake. So

The Asus UX305FA is the first Zenbook to feature Intel’s new Core M technology. As a result, Asus clearly breaks tradition with previous Zenbook models, which were all equipped with much faster Intel Core i processors. On the upside, the new machine is a lot cheaper than

When Nokia (now part of Microsoft) launched the Lumia 520 entry-level smartphone back in 2013, we said the company had a real winner on its hands. The 520, we said, was an “extremely capable device at a great price”. It seems the market agreed, with the