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In order to neutralise my initial preconceptions about the low-priced Nokia Lumia 735, I gave it five full days to convince me of its qualities. In that time, I used it for typical home and office tasks like browsing, communicating, installing apps and taking pictures

Every year, Apple’s iMac line-up gets slightly faster processors, better graphics cards, faster RAM and more storage space. And although the 2013 iMac was one of the first Apple computers to incorporate the new Broadwell micro-architecture, it still wasn’t a

Taiwan’s HTC was one of the first smartphone manufacturers to discover that, in order to sell huge volumes of smartphones, you simply have to equip them with an impressive front-facing camera. If you think of it, that actually

Previously launched Nexus smartphones, like the Nexus 5, were accompanied by two characteristic features that made them very popular. They were always preinstalled with a stock version of the Android operating system and they offered high-end specifications

For those who have a PC connected to their flat-screen TV as the main entertainment hub in their home will appreciate the frustration that is often caused by having a computer mouse in a living room environment. There is never a good place to use a mouse – thighs and couch cushions don’t

Acer, a brand better known for its PCs than itx mobile computing products, has been flogging tablets since 2011. The latest version in its Iconia Tab range is this 8-inch midrange device that costs less than three grand. The Acer Iconia Tab 8 is a good-looking tablet, although it looks remarkably similar to many

South African consumers certainly have no shortage of options when it comes to low-cost smartphones. Now they can add tablets to the mix. Earlier this month, MTN launched its first low-cost tablet, the Steppa Tablet. It’s a rival in every sense to its fiercest competitor, Vodacom’s new Smart

Since the first Xperia smartphone from Sony hit the market in 2008, the company has been rolling out device after device, garnering a small but dedicated and growing fan base. Today, the Xperia range offers a mature selection of devices that the company hopes will appeal to those wanting

Smartphone users have had plenty of options to choose from this year as the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturers introduced flagship devices to eager audiences. Though the improvements over 2013’s models have been more iterative than revolutionary, the picks this year have stood

We have seen a number of good, low-cost smartphones hitting the market in the past year as network operators and manufacturers attempt to convert feature-phone users to a more updated platform, while unlocking the huge potential that smartphones hold for mobile data usage. It’s not just a clever business