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By launching two new Nexus devices, Google has adopted a strategy similar to those of Microsoft with the Lumia 950/950XL and Apple with the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. However, a major difference

The Internet of things (IoT) has far-reaching applications in many spheres of business and consumer life, including the world of health and fitness. Although many people may simply view the host of fitness and activity trackers as

In my review of the Nexus 6 back in January 2015, I was ultimately forced to conclude that Google and Motorola, which made the phone, were not on the right track. The device was too expensive, fell short on performance

Early in 2013, Sony introduced its very first Xperia Z device to the world. From that point on, these smartphones have grown into a high-end line of products, combining a characteristic design with Sony’s own display technology. Yet, despite the premium look and feel of the

There has always been something a little special about Sony’s Xperia Z line-up. The smartphones have always exuded style, both in terms of hardware design and the work Sony has done to create an

The problem with most GPS-enabled multi-sport watches is that they’re normally big, bulky and brash. This doesn’t seem to stop some endurance athletes from wearing them as their primary timepiece though – a bright orange, blue or white ostentatious statement that they take their training

The Vívoactive is Garmin’s foray into the exploding smartwatch market, which Smartwatch Group predicts will be worth US$8,9bn in 2015. Although modern stereotypes suggest one can’t be both smart and sporty, Garmin seems to have broken the smartwatch mould, at least as far

Toshiba’s 2015 Kira is a beast of a laptop in a light and slim form factor that should appeal to Windows power users who don’t mind shelling out big money – R26 999 including VAT – for top-drawer performance. The Kira has a beautiful, all-metal design