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Interview: First Technology’s Gerhard Olivier on why your company needs Aruba

Gerhard Olivier

Gerhard Olivier’s passion for technology shines through. As manager of consulting services at First Technology, he’s well positioned to talk on both the technology challenges and solutions to solve them.

First Technology has a long history with Hewlett Packard Enterprises’ Aruba Networks, and Olivier is passionate about the US company’s offerings.

In this podcast, he speaks about Aruba’s Aruba Central tools as being like the monitoring heart of an organisation from which legs of work can operate in an environment of “Zero Trust”.

Meanwhile, ClearPass network access control solution provides visibility into and intelligence to both managed and unmanaged networks, which allows for control up to the edge.

Olivier explores deployment realities and commercial options in the podcast as well as some of the pitfalls that clients face when they’re not using a central management solution. “You are only as good as your last restore,” he says.

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