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Interview: Simon Dingle on the rise of crypto money

Simon Dingle

In this episode of the TechCentral podcast, Duncan McLeod chats to Simon Dingle, former technology journalist, long-time podcaster, speaker and technologist, about his new book, In Math We Trust, about the world of cryptocurrencies.

The book, available in bookstores around South Africa and on Amazon’s Kindle, is a quick but information-rich read about the emergence and rise of bitcoin and other forms of crypto money.

In the podcast, Dingle explains why he believes the current system of fiat currencies is ripe for disruption. He talks about how money gets its value, why crypto money has inherent advantages over the world’s current monetary systems and how governments will find crypto money hard to control and regulate.

He explains why bitcoin is likely to maintain its lead as the world’s preeminent cryptocurrency and why we shouldn’t worry too much about the amount of electricity bitcoin mining consumes. He also gives his views on whether crypto money has any downsides.

It’s a fascinating discussion … don’t miss it!

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