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Mecer’s Jupiter mini desktop PC: Perfect for working from home

The Mecer Jupiter mini desktop PC provides the ability to move between home and work office, and its small physique makes it the ideal computer for use in confined spaces. (Watch the video above to learn more.)

It’s a workhorse, too, with incredible processing power. Each unit can be customised to match the request and budget. This is the real advantage of locally assembled.

Mecer provides South Africans with the latest technology at the best prices. The Jupiter unit comes pre-loaded with the latest international software offering from Microsoft. Not only is it made for South Africans by South Africans, but Mecer, via Mustek, has a national footprint and branch network to ensure the best possible technical and after-sales support.

All Mecer products can be purchased with an on-site warranty. Spare parts are local, which is especially important when considering user downtime. The Jupiter comes loaded with Microsoft Windows 10 Professional, which has several built-in security features.

Secure by design

Security is at the heart of all Microsoft products and services that meet the current end-to-end computation needs. This is especially important in the current environment where a large percentage of the workforce is working remotely.

The on-board Trusted Platform Module (TPM) microcontroller secures the Jupiter from the moment you boot up the machine, to login and authentication, to the moment you shut down. There are so many possible threats out there that safe access is vital.

Microsoft Windows 10 Professional intercepts malware threats, be it via e-mail or USB stick, and has the intelligence to recognise threats before they appear and address them.

There are two versions of Windows 10 available, one for consumers, which is strictly limited to home use, and commercial and public versions. Windows 10 Professional also comes with Autopilot, which allows IT departments to set it up remotely and takes a large portion of the footwork out of corporate image management.

Jupiter factors in the new standard in terms of workspace and shift management. Smaller desktop units are ideal for call centres — for example, from a social distancing perspective. Applications are endless, especially in admission scenarios. Jupiter is simply connected to a monitor or television and the user is up and running. The device has a Kensington theft protection slot so it can be secured at any time.

Jupiter represents the future of the modern desktop.

For more information, call Mustek on 011 237 1000, e-mail or visit

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