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Offline viewing comes to ShowMax

John Kotsaftis

John Kotsaftis

Streaming provider ShowMax has added the ability to download shows when subscribers have patchy access to the Internet.

The company said on Monday that its subscribers on the Android platform would have the option to download content to watch offline.

“By adding download functionality, we’re enabling people to take advantage of these connections and fill up on some great shows to watch later,” said ShowMax South Africa GM John Kotsaftis.

Up to 25 shows can be saved on the platform and the development is the result of poor Internet connectivity in South Africa.

“Many South Africans are still Internet have-nots, and have been excluded from using services like ShowMax,” said Kotsaftis about the impact of the move.

The move comes soon after the company launched a deal with Telkom that will offer zero-rated data to subscribers watching its streaming video service.

It will also give ShowMax more muscle to compete with DStv’s BoxOffice, which already allows offline viewing of content. Both companies are owned by Naspers.

ShowMax hosts more than 12 000 hours of content and is designed to cater to an increasing trend of non-linear TV consumption.

Mobile video traffic in South Africa is expected to grow by 73% as people increasingly stream video content to smartphones.

Cisco Visual Networking Index 2015 found that by 2019, smartphones will command 30% (57,5m) of all networked devices as video demand grows.

“Residential, business and mobile consumers continue to have strong demand for advanced video services across all network and device types, making quality, convenience, content/experience and price key success factors,” said the Cisco report.  — Fin24

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  1. Werner Ackermann on

    Also would be handy during prime-time when nothing seems to save your ShowMax stream from buffer under-runs.

    If they could add this to the app for Samsung TVs along with a scheduled downloader (off-peak 12H00-06h00), I’ll be willing to sign up again.

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