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Outa heads to court over R8m e-tolls bill

Wayne Duvenage

Wayne Duvenage

The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (Outa) will be going to court to defend members who received summonses for e-toll bills, including one for R8m, it said.

Outa chairman Wayne Duvenage said that it had notified roads agency Sanral of its intention to defend the clients.

“Outa’s lawyers have filed notices of intention to defend these matters, on behalf of our members, with the north Gauteng high court and a trial of this nature could possibly take years to finalise,” he said.

Duvenage said Outa expect thousands more will receive summonses from Sanral in the coming months.

He said in an earlier statement: “It is Outa’s opinion that the South African government, through Sanral, have instituted the biggest case of state coercion and victimisation against its citizens in our new democracy.

“This action by Sanral will further anger the Gauteng motorists, and just as we have seen over the past three years, the public will continue to remain resilient in the defence of their rights on this issue.

“To date, several Outa members have received high court summonses for amounts ranging between R400 000 and R8m.”

Duvenage said Outa was prepared for the legal battle.

He said Outa has also put put its guidelines to launch a defence challenge, should the public be summonsed and wish to defend themselves, or alternatively, to have Outa assist them.

“We will prove why and how Sanral have run roughshod over the public’s constitutional rights and other legal requirements when declaring Gauteng’s freeways as tolled roads. In short, it is not unlawful to not pay for e-tolls.”



  1. Magic Mushroom on

    Tie this up like NUMBU1 did with Nkandla……. Everybody should go through Outa making the process even longer???

  2. CharlieTango on

    A toll bill of R8m – that’s ridiculous. E-tolls is a complete fraud and SANRALS’ executive management team (CEO, CFO and head of procurement) should be criminally charged for fraud. At the same time the Minister of Transport (Dipuo Peters) should resign in shame for a system that is yet another burden on South African citizens (but the likelihood of that is nil based on the the manner in which her boss acts).

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