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Sanral writes off old e-toll debts

Roads agency Sanral has thrown in the towel over e-toll debts older than three years and written off R3.6bn in the 2017 financial year relating to this debt. However, it will continue in its attempts to recover unpaid e-tolls by pursuing

Austrian firm raking in 74% of all e-tolls: Outa

The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (Outa) said on Monday that, according to its calculations, Austrian-owned e-toll collection company ETC earns nearly three-quarters of all tolls collected on behalf of roads agency Sanral. “Following

E-tolls mess just got even messier

Last week, the Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (Outa) barred roads agency Sanral from pleading 55 cases against its members in court on the grounds that it had not followed court procedures and had delayed presenting its cases in court

Outa seeks Eskom break-up

The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse, long a thorn in the side of roads agency Sanral over the tolling of Gauteng roads, has now set its sights on Eskom, lodging a complaint with the Competition Commission seeking the state-owned power

Why your e-toll debt may be prescribing

Outstanding e-toll debt has begun to prescribe as three years have passed since the controversial system became operational, roads agency Sanral has confirmed. This means that unless road users were summonsed or formally

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