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Being useful is important. We define all innovation by its use – if it doesn’t have a purpose, then what good is it? Whenever I think of this, I can’t help but recall a scene from Payback, the slick film noir Mel Gibson

Adobe Systems’ Flash – which had long faced criticism for its cumbersome user experience and vulnerability to hacking – is finally set to fade into history. At the end of 2020, the company will stop updating and

Dear Flash, I never thought this day would come. For many years I have been one of your most ardent supporters and unabashed suitors. Maybe it betrays my age a little, but we have walked a long road together. At first, when I met you, we didn’t

After more than 20 years making the Web a slightly more interesting and interactive place, albeit one that pandered to designers’ worst excesses and (in pre-broadband days) led to interminable download waiting times, the word on the Internet is that “Adobe

It’s installed on a billion computers around the globe, but before the end of this decade Adobe Flash will be dead. After two decades of ubiquity, the Flash platform is finally collapsing under its own weight. Flash Player used to be everywhere. You used it to