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Apple has hitched itself to music celebrities to pitch Apple Music, the US$10/month (South Africa: R59,99/month) digital service launched a year ago. There was the very public catering to Taylor Swift. Apple broke out its

The different factions of the music industry – artists, labels, agents and publishers – rarely agree on anything. But on one thing they are united: streaming services are the future. Apple Music, Spotify and their rivals allow users to listen

Google has launched Google Play Music Concierge in 20 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, including South Africa, the Internet giant said on Wednesday. The service allows Play Music subscribers to select

Gospel group Joyous Celebration is the most streamed artist by South African users of Web-based streaming service Deezer — a Paris-based company that is part of a now US$7bn industry. Tecla Ciolfi, the editor of Deezer South Africa who

The business logic is clear; only the timing remains to be settled. Everything in telecommunications, including voice, will soon be data. In a world where everything is data, there will be two types of companies. And they will not be mobile operators. There will be content companies and there will be data

Vodacom and Deezer have entered into an exclusive partnership to provide the mobile operator’s customers access to the music service’s 35m songs. The announcement follows speculation earlier this week that Deezer was looking

Deezer, a Paris-based digital music streaming service that competes with Spotify, is in talks with Vodacom “as it seeks to expand in Africa faster than its rival”, Bloomberg reported on Monday. An unnamed Bloomberg source said that Vodacom will offer its customers access to