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Naspers unit buys anti-piracy firm

Irdeto, a subsidiary of JSE-listed Naspers, has acquired anti-piracy specialist Denuvo, which works with videogame giants such as Electronic Arts and UbiSoft. Denuvo provides technology and services for game publishers

Craig Wilson
How video games shot their way to the top

Gaming is the biggest entertainment industry in the world, bigger than even Hollywood. It’s the biggest in SA, too. It seems if you want to make money in entertainment, you’d be better off learning to code than trying your luck on Idols. Though sales of CDs, cinema tickets and DVDs have declined

Crysis 2: suit yourself

Can Crysis run on consoles? Crysis 2 answers that question with a resounding yes. The sequel to the 2007 graphical beast that many PC enthusiasts still use to put new gaming rigs through their paces is nothing short of a technical marvel

Leaving behind a chequered past

Games publisher Electronic Arts (EA) has brought Need for Speed games out at the rate of one a year since 1997, with the result that franchise…