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Fitbit unveils health-focused smartwatch

Fitbit desperately needs a hit. The company unveiled its first smartwatch on Monday, hoping that the health-focused features of the device will reverse the hardware maker’s declining influence in the wearables market

Jawbone goes bust, taking $900m with it

Jawbone is liquidating, though its CEO is starting again with a company that moves out of the fitness-tracker business in favour of health-related products, an area that deeper-pocketed rivals also are entering. Founded in 1999, Jawbone

David Glance
Fitbit’s fall signals end of wearables hype

As the market leader, Fitbit has always been regarded as being synonymous with wearables in general. Its launch as a public company was at a point when the hype of wearables was at a peak with claims of the technology bring about a revolution in

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