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As the market leader, Fitbit has always been regarded as being synonymous with wearables in general. Its launch as a public company was at a point when the hype of wearables was at a peak with claims of the technology bring about a revolution in

Fitbit’s fourth-quarter revenue fell 19%, hurt by fading consumer demand for its once-popular wearable fitness trackers. Revenue in the quarter – which includes the holiday shopping season – dropped to $573,8m, the

Fitbit, the fitness band maker, has acquired software assets from struggling smartwatch start-up Pebble Technology, a move that will help it better compete with Apple. The purchase excludes Pebble’s hardware, Fitbit said in a

The headlines say it all. From “Fitness trackers ‘don’t help weight loss’” through to claims that fitness trackers can “make users fatter” and “That fitness tracker might actually make losing weight harder”. These conclusions by the

The Internet of things (IoT) has far-reaching applications in many spheres of business and consumer life, including the world of health and fitness. Although many people may simply view the host of fitness and activity trackers as

The market for activity tracking devices has proved a difficult one. One of the major fitness device manufacturers, Jawbone, recently announced it was laying off 15% of its staff. Fitbit, the market leader in these devices, has seen its share price drop to nearly 50% of its peak

People interested in tracking their health, physical activity levels and body functions can now choose from a plethora of sensor-embedded digital gadgets to monitor and measure their bodies. But the big question for many users is how their personal health and medical data are used. The Apple Watch

Imagine your phone popping up an alert whenever your blood pressure is elevated, or if your blood-glucose level is problematic. Imagine receiving a warning about an impending major health issue like a heart attack and being told to get

Consumer electronics companies holding out for a “killer application” to drive the sale of smart watches are likely to be disappointed. That’s the view of Jonas Olsson, who heads the experience and design team for mobile accessories at Sony, where he focuses on wearable computing

Self-tracking, body hacking, life-logging, wearables, the quantified self — you may have heard these terms being thrown around a lot in the past year thanks to companies such as Fitbit, Nike+ and Jawbone. It was these three companies that were largely