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‘Rural roll-out must go to tender’

There is mounting concern in the telecommunications industry that the government is planning to award a R750m broadband project to Telkom to connect 5 000 government facilities in rural areas without first going out on a competitive tender. In an interview on Friday

Durban gets multi-site Internet exchange

Durban has become the first city in South Africa to get a multi-site Internet exchange point. Internet exchange points allow Internet service providers to interconnect their networks so that users benefit from faster connections and more

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It’s time for real-time radio

Imagine the horror. Waves of denial, smashing against the rocks of inevitability. Your brand new, US$9 000 radio controlled aeroplane has just flown over that far clump of trees, heading for the

Didata, Naspers JV sets out Wi-Fi plans

Vast Networks, billed as Africa’s first open-access Wi-Fi infrastructure operator, plans big expansion in the coming years as it looks first to consolidate the networks it’s inherited and then expand

Hilton Tarrant
So, why did MTN buy Afrihost?

It’s fair to say that MTN’s purchase of Internet service provider Afrihost in late 2014 caught most of the industry by surprise. Not because MTN paid more than R400m for half of the business (which no one knew at the time), but because this meant MTN suddenly owned a consumer ISP

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The inversion layer choking SA telecoms

Anyone who flies into Johannesburg in the early mornings during winter will be familiar with the atmospheric inversion layer, where air near the ground is cooled by the unheated swimming pools of the struggling middle classes. The cool air traps pollutants beneath warmer layers

Didata’s new CEO sets out his game plan

Game ranging and IT are disciplines that couldn’t be more removed from one another. Yet it’s a former game ranger and former prospective farmer that Dimension Data has hired as the new CEO of its key Africa and Middle East operation. And the new man in the hot

MWeb Business recovers after outage

MWeb Business client services are “now fully restored and operational”, parent Internet Solutions said on Tuesday after a “systems provisioning error” led to a major problem in the company’s virtual hosting environment at the weekend. Clients reportedly lost data

AlwaysOn launches Wi-Fi calling

Hotspot network AlwaysOn, which is owned by Internet Solutions, is taking direct aim at mobile networks with the launch of a Wi-Fi calling offer, the company announced late on Wednesday. The service is device and platform agnostic and you

Telkom price cuts don’t reach end users

Telkom’s wholesale price cuts of up to 63% announced last month have so far failed to translate into lower prices for those with broadband digital subscriber lines. Internet service providers (ISPs) that were prepared to comment were not expecting to

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