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Vodacom is unable to expand its 4G/LTE network in rural areas because it simply does not have the spectrum it needs to do so at an affordable cost. Group chief technology officer Andries Delport said at a press conference in Sandton on Tuesday

Faster networks, better phones and consumers’ own habits have all led to users’ perceptions that their data is “disappearing”, a Vodacom executive has told parliament. The portfolio committee on telecommunications

South Africa is falling behind in broadband roll-out and access because of delays in allocating access to additional radio frequency spectrum bands to mobile operators, Vodacom warned on Monday. “Due to the country’s dependency on mobile

Cellphones and Sim cards. They go together like bread and butter, or socks and shoes. Except they won’t for much longer, as the industry gears up for an era where Sim cards are consigned to the history

South Africa’s largest mobile operator, Vodacom, has told public hearings on competition in South Africa’s technology sector that operators are being “disintermediated” by over-the-top (OTT) providers like WhatsApp. The company was presenting its views to a panel of Icasa councillors and

Internet service providers have slammed Mweb’s decision to cut off its transit links, saying the company ought to have engaged in discussions instead of taking the fight to the media. Last week, MWeb cut off its transit links with Telkom’s wholesale Internet access

Wireless broadband operator iBurst claims that its business is starting to bounce back after a difficult period that saw it retrench employees, restructure its operations, and lose its chief executive. The company says that renewed focus on the consumer market, a new strategy and significant investments in infrastructure have all positioned it to start growing again.