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Vodacom, Makate to revive talks

Nkosana Makate and telecommunications company Vodacom will now have to revive in good faith negotiations after a deadlock in talks to determine reasonable compensation over the “please call me” service. The

Court throws out ‘please call me’ application

The constitutional court has dismissed an application brought by Nkosana Makate, the man who it found had invented the popular “please call me” service, ordering him to pay the costs of the application. “The constitutional court has considered

‘Please call me’ man hits back at Vodacom

Nkosana Makate has dismissed Vodacom’s assertion that it faces difficulties in determining the revenue that the “please call me” idea has generated since its inception in 2001. Makate, the inventor of “please call me”, argued in court

‘Please call me’ battle back in court

Vodacom is still prepared to negotiate with “please call me” inventor Nkosana Makate on whether to compensate him a share of revenue that the service has generated. This emerged from Vodacom’s affidavit filed on Tuesday in

‘Please call me’ settlement talks break down

A fresh battle between Nkosana Makate and Vodacom is heading to the constitutional court as compensation negotiations between both parties for his “please call me” service have deadlocked. The latest court application seeks clarity on the

TalkCentral: Ep 145 – ‘David vs Goliath’

In the latest episode of TalkCentral, your hosts Duncan McLeod and Regardt van der Berg chat about Nkosana Makate’s victory over Vodacom at the constitutional court. Also this week, local Internet service providers have come out in

How Makate won the ‘please call me’ case

The constitutional court’s scathing judgment that ordered Vodacom to compensate Nkosana Makate for his “please call me” idea, in theory, brings an end to a legal case akin to a David vs Goliath battle. The case, which was before the high court in

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