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Opera steps up Africa investment

Norwegian Web browser developer Opera Software has said it plans to invest US$100m (about R1,4bn) over the next two years in Africa. Part of that money will be used to establish offices in Kenya and Nigeria. “Africa is a very

Opera founder releases new Web browser

Opera Software co-founder and former CEO Jon von Tetzchner has released the first post-beta version of a brand-new Web browser called Vivaldi that he hopes will appeal to the Web’s “most demanding users”. The software, called Vivaldi, has been in public

Vivaldi: a new Web browser is born

A new Web browser, still in technical preview, has been launched by the co-founder and former CEO of Opera Software, the Norwegian company behind the Opera Web browser. Vivaldi, which is aimed at Internet power users, should be released beta form in the coming

Why Opera would make sense for Facebook

Amid rumours that Facebook is considering building its own smartphone and is looking to acquire facial recognition service comes another and arguably more sensible bit of speculation. Facebook is said to be looking to acquire Opera Software in

MTN’s new smartphone deals: no BlackBerry required

South Africans have flocked to BlackBerry devices in recent years because of the cheap and unlimited on-device browsing, chat and e-mail offered through the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS). Now MTN is hoping to bring similarly priced offerings to other smartphone devices. On Thursday

Opera: the little browser that could

These Norwegians are certainly tenacious. Despite Norway’s Opera Software continuing to struggle to gain meaningful market share against rivals such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Windows Internet Explorer on desktop computers, the company

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Europe gives Microsoft browser rivals a lift

Web browsers Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome have all enjoyed a lift after Microsoft agreed to a European Union demand that the company give Windows users a choice of which browser they’d like installed as default. A settlement with the EU

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