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Mobile penetration as measured by the number of active Sims in use in sub-Saharan Africa has reached 61% of the population. But this masks the reality that fewer than one in three people in the region actually owns a mobile phone. According to a new research report from

Many countries in sub-Saharan Africa run the real risk of missing an International Telecommunication Union (ITU) deadline of June 2015 to complete migration from analogue to digital terrestrial television. This will come at an opportunity cost

Further hold-ups in migrating from analogue to digital terrestrial television could have profound economic implications for SA and the sub-Saharan African region, new research from a powerful mobile industry lobby group shows. The picture it paints is clear: further delays

The department of communications has withdrawn the controversial Electronic Communications Amendment Bill, just weeks after critics warned it undermined the independent broadcasting and telecommunications regulator and could face

The GSM Association, an influential industry body that represents most of the world’s mobile operators, has warned that centralising spectrum decisions in SA’s ministry of communications could result in spectrum being allocated to companies or government agencies that

The slow pace at which African countries, including SA, are moving to digital terrestrial television could have serious economic implications in the next few years. It could cost the continent significant economic growth. That’s the view of Peter Lyons, director