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SACF lauds ICT policy ‘breakthrough’

The South African Communications Forum (SACF), an industry grouping whose members include telecommunications operators and technology companies, has welcomed the “breakthrough” in ICT policy

Past, present and future of SA telecoms

There are a number of prerequisites for the Internet (both service providers and end users) to be fully liberated in any African country. They involve the creation of Internet service provider associations, a proper licensing regime, local peering and international connectivity

All sides claim victory in set-top box battle

Organisations representing both sides of the set-top box battle over encryption are celebrating cabinet’s announcement on Thursday that government-subsidised set-top boxes for digital television will contain a control system. Celebrations, however, could be premature

Carrim draws fire over digital TV

Legal action appears to be looming after a grouping of broadcasters and business organisations on Friday slammed cabinet’s recent decisions about migration to digital terrestrial television. This has raised the spectre of further damaging delays in South Africa’s already

Digital TV move sows confusion

Cabinet’s decision, led by communications minister Yunus Carrim, to mandate the use of an encryption system based on a control system in the set-top boxes that government will subsidise for poorer households has drawn both warm praise and stinging criticism from industry players

Stage set for final battle in set-top box war

The stage is set for a final showdown in the protracted war between broadcasters and set-top box manufacturers over the use of encryption based on conditional access (CA) in the set-top boxes that South African consumers will need to buy to continue receiving terrestrial television

In-depth fumes over SABC, DStv deal

Free-to-air broadcaster has slammed a confidential deal struck between the SABC and MultiChoice that prohibits the public broadcaster from offering any of its channels over a television platform that uses encryption technology. described the move as

ICT charter causing confusion

Technology industry players have begun expressing reservations about the lack of a transition period and confusion as to whether existing black economic empowerment (BEE) compliance documents remain applicable following the publication in June of the BEE charter for the sector. Various ICT players

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