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Technology industry players have begun expressing reservations about the lack of a transition period and confusion as to whether existing black economic empowerment (BEE) compliance documents remain applicable following the publication in June of the BEE charter for the sector. Various ICT players

Communications minister Dina Pule said on Wednesday that the set-top boxes that will be subsidised for poorer households will get a “return path” to provide basic Internet access. She made the announcement at the department of communications’ ICT Indaba in Cape Town. South Africans will

As manufacturers, we care what the set-top box specification says. We can actually produce any box to any specification. However, we remain duty-bound not to stand by idly when there is a deliberate distortion of facts, such as is happening now on the issue of the “return path” that would allow consumers to

The SA Communications Forum (SACF), an industry lobby group whose members include the SABC and the big telecommunications operators, wants a “return path” built into the government-subsidised set-top boxes that will be used for digital terrestrial television, allowing South Africans to surf the

Government should mandate a return path for Internet access in the tender it will issue soon for the digital television set-top boxes it will subsidise for millions of poorer South Africans as the country moves in the next few years from analogue to digital broadcasting technology, says an industry lobby group

The SA Communications Forum (SACF), an industry grouping that includes the SABC and the country’s biggest telecommunications operators, plans to lobby the department of communications to include a “return path” in the subsidised set-top boxes that the country’s poorer consumers will purchase when

Industry body, the SA Communications Forum (SACF), believes unbundling Telkom’s local loop of copper-cable infrastructure is essential if SA is to improve education, health and the economy. But it’s only one of the steps necessary to

SA has fallen behind the world, and even some other African countries, in fostering the technology and telecommunications sectors as a way of boosting economic growth. This is according to SA Communications Forum