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Promoted | This year stands as a testament to Samro’s progressive strides and commitment to innovation, ethics and diversity.

The legal framework surrounding royalty payments is sound. However, to a large extent, musicians still find themselves in a position where they are underpaid and undervalued. By Roberto Barreiro.

Legislation governing intellectual property (IP) in South Africa has not kept pace with the digital era, a specialist law firm has warned. Spoor & Fisher partner Herman Blignaut says copyright legislation has

If you play music outside of your home or car and there are other people around to hear it, technically you owe the Southern African Music Rights Organisation (Samro) money. And it doesn’t matter if the music is recorded or from the radio. The same holds true if you run

Your hosts Duncan McLeod and Craig Wilson are back with the second episode of the fresh-look TalkCentral podcast. In this week’s show, we look at the top three news stories of the last seven days and pick our winner and loser of the week – this week it’s Absa and Samro. We also

Internet service providers could be forced to monitor traffic on their networks to ensure their users aren’t infringing copyright and suspend those who are. This is contained in proposals put forward by the Copyright Review Commission. Service providers, telecommunications operators and other online