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Microsoft dealt a blow to its partner Nokia late last week when it said current Windows Phone devices would not get upgraded to the latest version of the operating system. In the process, the US software giant may have shot itself in the foot. Nokia CEO Stephen Elop could be forgiven for thinking

Struggling Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia will slash an additional 10 000 jobs, on top of 14 000 job losses in 2011, as it struggles to make headway against Samsung and Apple in the smartphone market. The company, headed by Canadian national Stephen Elop, says it aims

The tough times continue for Finnish phone giant Nokia, which has struggled to keep up with Apple and Android in the smartphone era. On Thursday, the company announced its results for the first quarter of 2012. Net sales fell sharply year over year, from US$13,6bn to $9,7bn. The company took a $1,7bn loss on those sales, and Colin

On Monday, Moody’s, the ratings agency, downgraded Nokia’s debt to near junk status. The share price has been in freefall in the past year, with some analysts painting a bleak future for the Finnish company. Yes, it’s bad. But Nokia is already planting the seeds of its turnaround. There’s no doubt that fortunes are made and lost

Nokia warned investors on Wednesday that its first quarter performance was lower than expected, ahead of its earnings report next Thursday. The company also doesn’t expect things to shape up for the second quarter, which means this will be a difficult year for the company overall. But on the bright side, Nokia revealed it sold

Exactly one year to the day since Stephen Elop unveiled Nokia’s new strategy and its partnership with Microsoft, TechCentral brings you a special edition of the TalkCentral podcast: a roundtable interview with the Nokia CEO himself. Listen as Elop talks about the future of the Windows Phone ecosystem

I’ve always been a fan of Nokia handsets. Well, I was, until a few years ago when the company broke what to me was its best series of keyboard-based smartphones, the E-Series. When it was released in 2008, the E71 was one of the best phones on the market. Then Nokia ruined it

Nokia has launched its Lumia range of smartphones, its first phones powered by Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform, in the SA market. The Lumia devices represent Nokia’s concerted effort to claim back lost market share lost to Apple’s iPhone and devices

Finland’s Nokia wants us to believe it’s set to stage an Apple-sized comeback with its newly announced range of Asha feature phones and Lumia smartphones. That won’t be easy. But what it has done is take the first vital step: it’s started executing on a plan to win back

Though there was much to be excited about from Nokia World in London this week, including the announcement of six new handsets, including two based on Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system, it was rather the omissions that got many analysts