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Sona 2017: what’s in store for ICT?

The 2017 state-of-the-nation address takes place today, 9 February. In the weeks that follow, the nine premiers will deliver their state-of-the-province addresses. The purpose of these addresses is to outline government policy

New WBS investors not in for an easy ride

Former top bankers Michael Jordaan and Paul Harris could steal a march on South Africa’s established mobile telecommunications operators when they launch their new national wireless broadband network early next year thanks

Spectrum auction: the industry reacts

South Africa’s two biggest mobile operators, Vodacom and MTN, have welcomed the decision by communications regulator Icasa to press ahead with a plan to license mobile broadband spectrum through an auction process. Icasa surprised

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Telkom to open its exchanges to rivals

Telkom will open its telecommunications exchanges to Internet service providers using an open-access model in an effort to stimulate demand for fixed-line broadband in South Africa. “To further stimulate access to broadband, we will make making around

WBS back in broadband play

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) has written off R75m of the licence fees owed to it by the iBurst parent company, Wireless Business Solutions (WBS), which is entertaining a take­over offer to acquire the

Telkom to hand back spectrum

Telkom plans to hand back spectrum in a wide range of radio frequencies as it migrates from legacy technologies to next-generation systems. It is in talks with telecommunications regulator Icasa about the plan, which is expected to take years to implement. The operator plans

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