Author: Lisa Steyn

There is an app for everything these days and, given that power cuts have become part of everyday life for South Africans, a quick search on your favourite app store will return a growing number of load-shedding applications to help you through these dark days

A financial black hole of growing proportions is engulfing Eskom as it dances between blackouts and load shedding. The utility claims that maintenance issues are the principal reason

Eskom may be unable to avert an energy crisis, but South African households and businesses can generate power on their rooftops at a cost per kilowatt that rivals that of megaprojects such as Medupi or Kusile, without subsidies or incentives. The cost of rooftop solar photovoltaic

Power utility Eskom is 21 days from going broke, the minister of public enterprises has confirmed. “Eskom will run out of money by the end of January,” minister Lynne Brown said this week. Brown confirmed the “pressure on the company’s liquidity

In an exit report submitted to parliament this week, an outgoing councillor for communications regulator Icasa described the regulator as void of leadership and operationally inefficient. The document, circulated to members of the parliamentary communications committee and the telecommunications

The Film and Publications Board plans to extend its regulatory reach to the digital space and, in a draft policy document, proposes that all online content distributed in South Africa must be classified by March 2016. But it won’t be

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) has written off R75m of the licence fees owed to it by the iBurst parent company, Wireless Business Solutions (WBS), which is entertaining a take­over offer to acquire the

The resignations of Steve Lennon and Erica Johnson from Eskom have dealt a blow to the troubled state utility’s already overburdened executive committee. The announcement that they’re leaving comes just before the new CEO takes his place. In a notice circulated to staff on Tuesday, Eskom acting CEO

Roads agency Sanral only managed to raise R275m in its July bond auction on Wednesday. “Earlier today, investor confidence was evidently impacted by the pronouncements of the Gauteng premier, David Makhura, ahead of the … July bond auction,” said Sanral. The agency said it had wanted to raise

“You’ll need two dozen purple-scented candles and a goat suitable for ritual slaughter. Oh, and about a kilo of salt to draw a pentagram on the floor (blackboard chalk doesn’t work),” read a response to a frustrated consumer on an online forum asking for advice on how to unsubscribe from unwanted mobile