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African technology start-ups raised at least $129m in funding in 2016, with the number of companies securing funding rising by almost 17% over the previous year, according to new research. Disrupt Africa’s Tech Start-ups Funding Report

Technology start-ups in Africa secured total funding of more than US$185,7m, or R3,1bn, in 2015, according to new data. Research by Disrupt Africa, a website that focuses on the start-up ecosystem on the continent, found that the money was shared between 125 tech start-ups

This year saw the 43rd anniversary of e-mail. Compared to a human working life, e-mail has after more than four decades on the job now reached retirement age. Is it time for e-mail to step aside to allow us to embrace the alternative? Every minute in 2012 saw 168m e-mails sent around the world