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Twitter fuels Gauteng motorists amid shortages

Internet users provided a list of service stations in SA that had fuel supply on Thursday. The page called #gotpetrol was started on popular social networking site Twitter by Andy Parks. The names of services stations with fuel, the street name

Google+ and the privacy question

I’ve been using Google+ for a few days now and, despite being a “limited field test”, it has a brilliant approach to privacy. If you are unfamiliar with Google+, it’s Google’s latest attempt to offer an alternative to Facebook. Google

Google+: Facebook killer or doomed copycat?

There’s been a lot of hoopla since Google+ went live last week. As with previous Google products, the only way to try it out before its public release is to get an invite. Those have become so coveted that invitations even popped up for sale on eBay

Social media won’t overthrow dictators – Tsedu

Social media tools and the Internet will play little role in overthrowing repressive governments in Southern Africa. That’s the view of veteran newspaper editor Mathatha Tsedu, who was speaking to a gathering of African journalists in

Political parties’ SMS ‘spam’ allowed – IEC

The storm in a teacup over bulk SMSes sent by political parties continued on election day, with voters receiving SMSes from the Democratic Alliance urging them to go out and vote for the party. Independent Electoral Commission spokesman

Jacob Zuma takes to Twitter

President Jacob Zuma began tweeting on Tuesday, gathering more than 600 followers within an hour of his first post. “Democracy is flourishing in SA thanks to the active participation of all citizens. It’s wonderful

Duncan McLeod
A little bird told us

On Sunday evening, DA political strategist Ryan Coetzee held a “town hall meeting” on Twitter. It went off rather well, and the party plans to host them weekly. It’s clear social media are becoming an important new electioneering

Manyi denies tweeting

Government spokesman Jimmy Manyi on Thursday accused someone of “cashing in on my good name” by pretending to be him on the Twitter network. Manyi told journalists in Pretoria and Cape Town he was indeed

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