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More than 120 companies, from Apple to Zynga, filed an impassioned legal brief condemning US President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration, stepping up the industry’s growing opposition to the policy. The amicus brief was filed late

The 2016 presidential race was a powerful illustration of the influence that Internet services have to shape the national political conversation. Yet in the end, many of the people involved in technology didn’t get what they wanted

A year ago, the tech press was all aflutter about the possibility of a new bubble in the internet industry. The blogosphere hummed with dire predictions of “dot-bomb 2.0” and equally passionate rebuttals. It’s amazing how much can change in a year. The most

The rise of casual gaming on social media websites like Facebook is leading to an uptick in the game development business in SA. Mark van Diggelen, CEO and founder of SA casual and social gaming company SkillPod