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TopTV: the full list of channels

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On Digital Media on Thursday unveiled its plans to enter SA’s pay-TV market in May, becoming the first company to compete with incumbent operator MultiChoice and its DStv service.

This is a full list of the channels the ODM service, known as TopTV, will offer at launch.


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Top One
Top One is a 24-hour general entertainment channel, bringing drama series, children’s shows, movies and quality SA classics.

Top Gospel
Top Gospel is a Christian lifestyle channel with talk shows, Christian music videos as well as faith-based movies. A lot of the content on Top Gospel will be local.

God TV
God TV is a global media ministry founded by SA couple Rory and Wendy Alec.

Christian Channel
Details still to come.

Inspiration TV has become the fastest growing international Christian network in the world, servicing 118 countries throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.

Zee Cinema

This channel will offer Bollywood content.

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Hi Nolly
The Nigerian film industry is fast catching up to Hollywood and Bollywood, with its own particular genre of programming. Hi Nolly features some of the best movies and entertainment from this market.

MGM is a 24-hour movie channel offering the best from Hollywood’s famous Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer library.

BBC World
24-hour news channel from the BBC.

Fox News
This is a US news network. Offers a conservative slant on the world.

US news network.

Al Jazeera
Al Jazeera English is the world’s first English language news and current affairs channel with headquarters in the Middle East.

France 24 covers international current events with a French perspective.

Current TV
Current TV features happenings and current affairs, particularly from a youth perspective.

Setanta Africa
Setanta Africa is a 24-hour sports channel which focuses on soccer. The sports channel covers Arsenal, Aston Villa, Manchester City and Tottenham in its weekly line up, as well as SPL, Russian and Dutch leagues.

Eurosport News
With news bulletins updated every 30 minutes, Eurosport News gives you the very latest from the world of sports and business.

SABC 1, 2 and 3
Free to air channels from the public broadcaster. ODM is required to carry these channels.
Another free to air channel

Educational Channel
ODM is finalising discussions for the supply of an educational channel customised for the SA market. An announcement will be made when talks are concluded.

RTPi is a general entertainment channel targeting Portuguese-speaking communities worldwide.

Fashion TV
Fashion TV (FTV) provides glamorous entertainment with emphasis on the latest trends, up and coming models, events, news and glamour.

Fine Living Network
FLN is TV’s fun lifestyle network with a fresh line-up of new relationship, wedding, cocktail and competition shows.

Music Choice (audio service)
Music Choice is a 24-hour channel audio service, offering a range of genres.


Top Junior
Top Junior provides high-quality and creative entertainment for children.

JimJam is a TV channel dedicated to pre-school children.

Baby TV
Baby TV is the world’s first round-the-clock commercial-free channel for growing infants and toddlers, and their parents.

This channel targets different age groups through time scheduling. Signature shows include The Wiggles, Sonic the Hedgehog, Inspector Gadget, Sabrina, Dennis the Menace, New Adventures of Madeline and many more.

Afro Music
Afro Music is a 24-hour music channel featuring an eclectic mix of artists from across Africa.

Nigezie Is a brand new music and lifestyle channel with the main focus being on Nigerian artists, music videos, fashion and entertainment.

Fuel TV is a 24/7 extreme sports channel featuring base-jumping, skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, BMX and other death-defying sports.


Kiss is a 24-hour music channel with a focus on urban and hip-hop music.

Kerrang! TV is a 24-hour music channel consisting of hard rock music videos.

Qtv is a 24-hour music channel featuring indie bands and music.

Magic TV features easy listening music videos from the 1980s and 1990s.

Smash Hits
Smash Hits is a music channel dedicated to popular hits from artists like Madonna, Beyonce and Justin Timberlake.

C Music
C Music provides viewers with the world’s finest classical, crossover, cinematic and chill-out music videos 24 hours a day.

Classica is a premium television channel devoted to classical music, opera, ballet and jazz as well as documentaries and interviews.



Star is an entertainment channel covering the glitz and glamour of Tinsel Town.

Fox Entertainment
Fox Entertainment is dedicated to the best television series, including The Simpsons, Family Guy, 24, Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds and Boston Legal.

Fox Retro
Fox Retro is an entertainment channel dedicated to the most popular series that defined the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, which helped shape the pop culture and trends of today.

Natura is a 24-hour high quality documentary channel featuring documentaries from the world’s best directors and producers.

Black Entertainment Television’ features the very best from African-American entertainers with series, talk-shows, sitcoms and interviews.

Top History
Top History is a 24-hour channel that offers the most memorable moments in history, with programming which includes SA and Africa.

Discovery ID
Investigation Discovery (ID) is the brand new channel from Discovery featuring the stories behind crime forensics and criminal investigations.

Discovery Travel & Living
Discovery Travel & Living explores the most fascinating and inspiring places on earth. The channel takes viewers to exotic and far-flung destinations.

Discovery Science
Discovery Science is a documentary channel focusing on programmes dealing with scientific and technological issues

Top Crime

Top Crime is a 24-hour entertainment channel with a focus on crime drama and suspense programmes.

Top Explore
Top Explore is a 24-hour channel which allows viewers the opportunity to explore the secrets and wonders of the world.


Silver is a 24-hour movie channel with movies sourced from independent suppliers in the US, Europe and other parts of the world.

Showtime is as 24-hour action channel with blockbuster titles covering action, horror and sci-fi.

Fox FX
Fox FX is quality television for men. With a mix of quality, character-driven and often unconventional drama and comedy, it has a strong resonance with male audiences.

Top Movies
Top Movies is one of Top TV’s flagship channels. A 24-hour premium movie channel with recently released blockbuster titles and other award-winning movies.

Top Movies 2
Top Movies 2 is Top Movies time shifted by 2 hours. If you miss your favourite movie catch it 2 hours later on Top Movies 2.

Top Movies 24
Top Movies 24 is time shifted by 24 hours. The channel gives the viewer the opportunity to catch up on Top Movies from the previous day.

Top Sport
Top Sport is a premium sports channel featuring sports preferred by SA audiences.


  1. I’m surprised that eNews channel is not part of the lineup. Unless it has an exclusivity deal with DSTV.

  2. sports is not only about cricket soccer and rugby…do try and explore the wonderful offerings of other types of sports…live a little!!

  3. I have lived a lot and enjoy a wide range of sports however I am a die hard football fan and would not switch to a service with no English and European football coverage, the movies I can see anytime by renting in a DVD but live sport coverage is for me a must. Some nice channels on there but DSTV will have no fear of me changing to Top TV

  4. Good luck to them. We need competition is this country. Monochoice have had their own way for far tooo long

  5. live sports coverage would be the main attraction for me. This would include, local and international rugby, soccer, cricket, motorsport (F1), athletics etc.

    Movies not as essential as dstv has bored us with continuous repetitions and it is unlikely that TopTV is going to be different.

    SABC news and a few international news channels would suffice. Lets hope that the competition will first improve the quality of our viewing options followed by competitive pricing.

  6. My 2C’s
    Sport : Why do we always get an overdose of soccer, cricket and rugby? I’ve not seen 1 Body Building event on any of the channels on DSTV for instance, or what about Icelandic off road racing? There is a whole world of sport out there!
    And then religion on these channels; I know that there is a lot of religions in the world, but why dedicate a whole set of channels just for it? And before someone takes offence, I do believe but I would rather sit and watch something worthwhile like comedy central, that would be bril!
    And yes I also wont mind a porn channels, will not sit and watch it, but it is freedom of choice.

  7. looks ok, cant wait to have variety, so tired of multichoice. maybe we can c some price reduction & best content. hope yo DSD r subsidised

  8. Denise Jones on

    Sounds great,competition good,ditto Glen on the Enews channel,big concern re the sports channel though!!!

  9. From my experience most middle to lower income families who do not have satelive tv, has looked at it in order to get Sports prefered by most i.e. RUGBY, Cricket and soccer, but decided against it because you can only get it if you get the full DSTV package, and then most think its not worth the R 590 just to get the main sports channels. If TOP TV can make up a package reasonably priced and guarentee that you can get the most popular sports on it i.e. Super 14 Rugby, Springbok test, Protea Cricket games ect, then they got it made and will easily pick up the entire market left behind by Multi Choice for reasons explained above.

  10. Wonderlik, uiteindelik is daar beskikbare ontspanning vir die minder bevoorregtes uit alle rasse.

    Maar dit blyk dat die afrikaans sprekendes weer eens aan die agter speen gaag suig.

    Maar baie dankie O D M en en mag hulle baie voorspoed geniet.

  11. We’ve been paying too much for too long for endless re-broadcasts at MC. Go on guys count the actual channels on MC that you would keep if given a choice. It has turned from questionable quality to quantity of nonsense. I’m finished with MC, will go and watch my rugby with friends at the sports bar from now onwards.

  12. I’m so excited, they definitely have me sold! I’m excited mostly by the entertainment channels, I hope everything is current and not outdated like DSTV movies! The price definitely has me hooked.

  13. I’m waiting for Free2View to start later in April – there is a one off fee that includeds the decoder (see but it looks interesting and cheaper – no I dont work for them 🙂 just interested.

  14. For me it firstly its:

    CHOICE and secondly:


    Do not make me pay any amount for something I DO NOT want.

    I want to pay a basic “connection” rate, and there after for the chanels I want to see.

    When are we customers going to demand what we want instead of been told what we can get?

  15. Question:

    How long is the price going to remain the same. DSTV started out ‘cheap’ and just got more expensive.

    Add 2 – 3 more movie channels and Sci-fi and I am in as well.

  16. All DSTv has to do is to allow us to pay per channel. I do not need a 1/4 of the channels on offer.

    Will not move if MNET and Supersport are not available.

  17. Why are you’ll not happy ’bout the channels. These channels have the same content as M-NET, just do the research and go onto the channels websites. YOU WILL BE SUPRISED!! The content is even better. Shows like Americas’s next Top Model, the latest season of The Simpsons, American Idol, Family Guy and The Ellen Degeneres Show. Everything is just cheaper.

  18. I really do not like multichoice right now and the thought of actually having Family guy on TV makes me not give a damn about the rest of the shows DSTV has to offer.
    I enjoy action, comedy, crime forensic and medical shows as well as Sci-fi, so good bye DSTV as long as I can have my daily dose.
    Actually, what happens to House, Dollhouse, Fringe and Life. Oh, but I could catch them when they get to local channels (SABC 1, 2 ,3 and Etv).

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