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Vox parodies GQ in latest annual report

A feature spread in Vox Telecom's annual report

Recently delisted telecommunications company Vox Telecom has continued its tradition of publishing unusual annual reports based on popular magazines. Its 2011 report, published this week, is styled on international men’s magazine GQ.

Called VQ, the report — Vox says from this issue on it will be referred to as a “financial review” as it will contain only basic rather comprehensive financial data — is more risque than previous publications produced by the company, which have parodied popular magazines such as National Geographic (Vox Geographic) and Sports Illustrated (Vox Illustrated).

VQ's cover (click for large version)

Featuring a nurse on the cover holding an Ethernet cable, the 2011 report tracks the style and visual language of GQ.

“We hope that GQ pardons the parody,” says Vox Telecom’s marketing head Clayton Timcke, who edited the glossy, full-colour publication. The cover model — Sian Ryan from ICE Models — is featured throughout the report in somewhat revealing nurse’s outfits (though, to be fair, the pictures are a little less suggestive than the images found in GQ).

As in previous Vox annual reviews, there are the usual directors’ reports, but, as before, even these are done in a fun way. The report also includes overviews of the sector from a number of local technology journalists (disclaimer: TechCentral’s editor is one of them).

Vox sees its annual reports (sorry, reviews) as a way of marketing the business rather than simply as a dry record of its financial statements.  — Staff reporter, TechCentral

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