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Week-long load shedding is coming [April Fools]

Eskom has decided to shake up its rotational power cuts, introducing less frequent load shedding but imposing power interruptions to suburbs of a week at a time.

The change to the schedule means that even at stage-four load shedding — where the utility removes 4GW of supply from the grid — customers are only likely to see a power cut once every second month. However, they can expect to be without electricity for seven days at a time when the cuts are imposed.

[Update: It’s after 12pm. Convention requires us to disclose that this was TechCentral’s April Fools’ Day prank article for 1 April 2019. Were you caught out?]

An Eskom spokesman said the change will result in less aggravation for consumers, who, under the current load-shedding regime, can be without power for several hours each day.

“This new plan means that, even when stage-four load shedding is taking place, consumers will be without power only once every two months, albeit for a week at a time.”

The electricity utility struggled to keep the lights on in March, imposing stage-four load shedding as a result of generating units being out of service and Cyclone Idai in Mozambique destroying pylons carrying electricity to the country from the Cahora Bassa hydroelectric scheme.

“We’re confident South Africans will appreciate less frequent power interruptions, even if it means being without electricity for a week at a time,” the Eskom spokesman said.

The new rules take effect immediately.

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