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ZA Tech Show: Episode 86

zatslogoWith one false start under the belt, Ben Kelly, Duncan McLeod, Toby Shapshak, Simon Dingle and Brett Haggard recompose themselves and discuss:

  • The end of TV licences in SA and what the future holds for public broadcasting
  • MTN’s declining subscriber numbers and other telecommunications chaos
  • The launch of Google Maps in SA and why Garmin and Tom-Tom should be very worried about the new Google Maps Navigation application
  • Rumours mounting over Apple’s tablet device, including discussions with publishers
  • And much more…

Our picks and pick-ons of the week:

  • Toby Shapshak — Picks — BlackBerry Bold 2 and The Daily Maverick
  • Ben Kelly — Picks — an iPhone case from Cap D that we can’t find a link for
  • Brett Haggard — Picks — Guitar Hero 5
  • Simon Dingle — Picks — international Kindle set to US for free browsing

Download the entire episode directly (as an MP3 file).

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