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David Glance

Apple vs FBI has left us more vulnerable

The FBI has succeeded in hacking into an iPhone that belonged to San Bernardino shooter Syed Farook without Apple’s help. As a consequence, the bureau has dropped its legal case in which it was trying to force Apple to do what has now been done

David Glance

The Internet of things has a long way to go

A major focus of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last week was around advances in implementing 5G, the version of mobile wireless networks that will replace the current 4G. In a nutshell, 5G will bring massive improvements in data rates

David Glance

How social media got old, tired and grumpy

It is five years since the potential of social media was considered limitless. Not only was social media revolutionary, but it was literally capable of bringing about revolutions such as the uprisings of the “Arab Spring”. There was no part of our social lives that


Facebook Reactions means more data to mine

Facebook has decided that the Like button is not expressive enough and is going to add five new icons, called “Reactions”, that it calls “angry, sad, wow, haha and love”. Reactions have been tested with users in a number of different countries, while Facebook observed how they