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Hilton Tarrant

Shoot-out: Telkom FreeMe vs Afrihost Mobile

Telkom’s FreeMe looks to be the most competitive data-focused offering in the market, especially when put next to similar packages on the three larger mobile operators. When the new packages from South Africa’s “challenger” network are


Telkom FreeMe vs the competition

Telkom is betting its FreeMe packages, announced on Thursday night and available from today (Monday), will shake up the South African mobile market. And, when they’re compared side by side with similar offers from rivals, it’s


Telkom just turned SA telecoms on its head

Let’s accept the point of departure: mobile contract packages are broken. There are too many bundled voice minutes hardly anyone depletes and an infinitely higher number of completely useless SMSes. Data bundles are almost an after-thought


Discovery tweaks Vitality Active Rewards – again

Discovery has announced a third change to the way it allocates points to members of its Vitality Active Rewards programme inside its first year. The programme, first piloted in the UK before being launched in South Africa last September, is simple

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How to stop the R2/MB extortion

Much like interconnect rates which for years remained stubbornly and unreasonably high, punitive out-of-bundle mobile data rates are a relic of a bygone era. Sure, operators might have been justified in charging R2/MB

Hilton Tarrant

A theory on why R2/MB still exists

Allow me to venture a theory… The reason out-of-bundle mobile data rates are (largely) still R2/MB is to help shore up operators’ cratering voice revenue. R2 is an arbitrary number, a relic from over a decade ago, but it’s a stubborn

Hilton Tarrant

Telkom is losing the fibre race

In November, I argued that Telkom’s broadband digital subscriber line service had peaked (that was at the half-year mark). Since then, growth has slowed even further and the telecommunications giant is on a knife-edge of

Hilton Tarrant

Uber may finally have a serious SA rival

News that Transaction Capital is actively working to consolidate and formalise the meter-cab industry, via Zebra Cabs, should be celebrated by every single one of us who use (or have used) Uber. Competing against Uber is going to need very deep pockets

Hilton Tarrant

What Vodacom’s results really tell us

Vodacom shareholders have reason to be happy. On practically every measure, the full-year numbers published on Monday for its South African operation are probably the best in recent memory. Everything is pointing in the

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