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Hilton Tarrant

10 things you didn’t know about MTN

After the publication of its annual report this week, the headlines focused on former chief executive Sifiso Dabengwa’s R23,7m “golden handshake” following his resignation in November amid the MTN Nigeria fine fallout. We also learnt that chairman

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Discovery has a world-beater on its hands

Vitality Active Rewards is a big deal for Discovery. Not only does it offer a way for the insurer to actually keep track of its members’ physical activity for the first time – thanks primarily to wearable devices – it is also a means to


How the big banks’ ATM networks stack up

South Africa’s big four retail banks have been steadily cutting the number of (costly) branches in recent years. That’s no surprise, given the shift in transactional banking to electronic channels. Those transactions that still need some form of physical

Hilton Tarrant

SA banks culling branches as IT spend rises

While there’s been an outsize (and bizarre) outcry about First National Bank’s decision to close somewhere between 25 and 40 branches in a round of “optimisation”, the country’s big four retail banks have been steadily cutting the number of branches for years

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Why FNB is right to cut branches

When last did you visit a bank branch? A few months back? Longer? If it was not for that infernal requirement to have stamped bank statements every time you try and do something/anything, you

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How to solve SA’s broadband mess

I was on a flight – my tenth or twelfth of the year, I forget – so I missed the president’s state of the nation address. In it, the word “broadband” was mentioned only twice, roughly about the same number of mentions it garners every year. “Government,” we were told

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Mobile operators have an SMS addiction

Let’s start at a common point of departure: the mere notion of mobile operators hoping that so-called “over-the-top” services be regulated is insanity. One can understand how an operator and its executives can think this rational, though. After all, an operator only knows how

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What’s really on the line at Telkom

By Telkom’s own admission, its “revenue at risk” declined in the six months to 30 September 2015. This “at-risk” portion is effectively any voice usage or interconnection revenue, which currently comprises 22% of the group’s total. It seems rather insignificant

Hilton Tarrant

Has Telkom cut too many jobs?

Telkom CEO Sipho Maseko has succeeded where none of his predecessors could. Reuben September, Jeffrey Hedberg and Pinky Moholi all tried … or at least they talked tough. Since Maseko’s appointment in April 2013, Telkom has shed a third of its permanent employees, with

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