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Convergence Partners’ recently published research report, “Let my people go (online)”, summarised in this piece on TechCentral, presents a provocative but nevertheless incomplete and in some critical aspects misleading characterisations of the requirements and

Very few SA companies are fully compliant with the Protection of Personal Information (PPI) Bill, which is expected to be enacted as legislation later this year. Those that that don’t comply fully could face sizeable fines and individuals could even spend time in prison. The legislation, which will enforce

These are dark days for BlackBerry and Research in Motion (RIM). Though the Canadian company’s smartphones continue to sell well in some emerging markets, including SA, consumers at the higher end — they are the more profitable segment for handset

Spectrum trading, use-it-or-lose-it conditions and wholesale and open-access networks will deliver the broadband growth governments in SA and sub-Saharan Africa are looking for, according to a new research report published by telecommunications investment group Convergence Partners

Media group Avusa said last week that 25% of SA video stores had shut up shop in the past year. Rather than the usual culprits of piracy, video on demand and the weak economy, one major industry player is laying the blame squarely at the door of Avusa-owned Nu Metro. Peter Scott, a director at

No matter what they choose to believe, telecommunications companies are little more than operators of “dumb pipes” and the “sooner they can get over it, the sooner they can move on”. That’s the view of Cell C CEO Alan Knott-Craig, who says social networks will play an increasingly important

Stationery retail chain CNA has revamped its website to allow for online shopping, with functionality that allows Edgars and Jet account holders to make purchases on credit using their store cards. Edgars, Jet and CNA are all part of the Edcon group

SA universities have welcomed the establishment of the world’s most powerful radio telescope, the Square Kilometre Array (SKA). Following the SKA Organisation’s announcement late last month that SA, Australia and New Zealand would share the R26bn project, local academics have spoken enthusiastically about

Lord Stephen Carter has enjoyed a storied career. He was the founding CEO of Ofcom, the powerful British media, telecoms and broadcasting regulator. He also served as the Downing Street chief of staff under former prime minister Gordon Brown and is now president and MD for Europe, the Middle East & Africa at

The battle for the tablet computer market became much more intense on Monday, with Microsoft breaking with its past approaches and announcing it was developing its own line of tablets, to be called Surface. The company offered a preview of a pair of tablets that it intends manufacturing itself