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A new, high-profile group founded by three South Africans now living in Silicon Valley and London has been formed to help grow SA businesses into global firms by providing the connections, advice and investment they need to take their ideas beyond SA’s

Hardly a week goes by without news of yet another international traveller returning from overseas only to discover they’ve run up a huge phone bill, in some cases in excess of R100 000, while roaming. It’s well documented that data use, in particular, can lead to phone bills so large that the money could

Excitement surges through a school hall set in the vast SA outback as rows of children roar “S-K-A” on a chilly winter morning. The shout-out is for the world’s most powerful radio telescope, the Square Kilometre Array, to be built 80km from Carnarvon along a dirt road that winds through scrubby, dry farmland into isolation

The sleepy SA town of Carnarvon has more churches than ATMs, but science is breathing new life into the far-flung farming centre. The former 19th-century mission station is the closest town to a science and astronomy hub that is forming in the arid central Karoo region where the Square Kilometre Array

Ericsson-backed BWired, which is building a R1,2bn fibre-optic network that will connect government buildings and businesses in the Johannesburg metropolitan area and serve as a wholesale network to telecommunications operators, is on target for commercial switch-on in the second quarter

The department of trade & industry released its black economic empowerment (BEE) charter for the technology sector last month and it takes force with immediate effect. Although some companies in the sector already comply, others will have to move quickly if they’re to meet its stringent requirements

In a nondescript office park northwest of Fourways in Johannesburg, a printer was whirring away. But this was no ordinary printer. The Connex model from Israeli firm Objet Geometries is a 3D printer that jets a range of materials simultaneously to create 3D models. When TechCentral visited local

The decades-long rivalry between Apple and Microsoft will take a dramatic new turn in the next few months. Both companies have announced retail-ready versions of their respective new operating systems are just about ready for consumers to

Stock market analysts have praised outgoing Vodacom Group CEO Pieter Uys, saying the telecommunications operator flourished during his tenure and that his designated replacement, Shameel Joosub, is a sound choice to succeed him. The move is widely

The recent piece by BMI-Techknowledge senior consultant Martyn Roetter, in response to a Convergence Partners research report on wholesale open-access wireless networks, itself deserves some reply. It goes without saying that the Convergence Partners’ research report speaks to that company’s own strategy