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Earlier this week, Blue Label Telecoms, the largest distributor of prepaid vouchers airtime in SA, revealed that 8ta accounts for well under 1% of its airtime revenues. Vodacom, MTN and Cell C contribute 53%, 34% and 10% respectively. There was little doubt 8ta, which was launched in 2010 after Telkom disposed of

DStv rival TopTV has sold 360 000 decoders since its launch two years ago, but of these only about half are actively using the service, the company’s chairman and acting CEO, Eddie Mbalo, has revealed. He tells TechCentral that TopTV, which is owned by On Digital Media (ODM), has between 160 000 and 200 000

The Competition Tribunal heard closing arguments this week in the Competition Commission’s case against Telkom. The tribunal now has to decide whether the company is to be fined and, if so, what sort of penalty is fitting. If the tribunal imposes a hefty sentence, Telkom has a number of legal options

In a new submission to the Competition Tribunal at hearings into alleged anticompetitive behaviour by Telkom, the Competition Commission has recommended to the tribunal that it impose a fine of nearly R1,2bn against the company. This is less than the maximum R3,5bn fine analysts said it could have asked

The fourth of April this year is a red-letter day on SA’s investment calendar. It is the date on which international board members of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) radio telescope will meet to decide whether the core site for the giant instrument will be built in SA or in Australia. Science & technology director-general

If the Competition Tribunal imposes a large fine on Telkom for anticompetitive behaviour, it will be “catastrophic” for the company and will “irretrievably jeopardise its viability”, leading to “disastrous consequences for the SA economy and government”. This is the stark warning the

As electricity prices continue to spike higher each year and as Eskom continues pleading with residential and business users to cut their consumption to prevent another wave of nationwide rolling blackouts, there is growing interest from South Africans in highly power-efficient LED lighting technology

SA entrepreneurs have unrealistic expectations and a romanticised idea of what angel investment or venture capitalism means. They often blame circumstances beyond their control for their inability to secure funding, rather than focusing on their idea and ensuring it’s sufficiently

Emerging-markets telecommunications giant MTN is gearing up to fight a series of damaging allegations and legal action by Turkcell over claims by the Turkish operator that the JSE-listed group was awarded an operating licence in Iran corruptly. MTN claims

Online personal financial management start-up 22seven on Wednesday accused Absa of blocking its US technology partner Yodlee from accessing users’ Internet bank accounts. Absa confirms it has blocked the service and on Wednesday defended its decision in an interview with TechCentral. 22seven has provoked