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A prolonged Internet outage prevented access to major sites like Twitter, Netflix, Spotify and The New York Times on Friday. The attack has commentators concerned that this is was a practice run for

Samsung Electronics has finally called a halt to its production of the Galaxy Note7. Following on from its earlier problems with the devices spontaneously setting alight, it seems that the replacement also suffered from

The headlines say it all. From “Fitness trackers ‘don’t help weight loss’” through to claims that fitness trackers can “make users fatter” and “That fitness tracker might actually make losing weight harder”. These conclusions by the

Apple announced its new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus and Watch Series 2 today at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. What the event confirmed was that the leaks about the phone and the watch

Despite the fact that Pokémon Go has become the world’s biggest mobile game, it has already started its certain decline. This is despite the fact that the game is showing a greater ability to retain users than most mobile games. Although it may be

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has explained the rationale behind the tech company’s plans to buy LinkedIn for US$26,2bn.
In a letter to staff, Nadella said he believes that access to LinkedIn customers will benefit the sales of Microsoft

In the reorganisation of Google into Alphabet, a group of companies that represented the “moon shot” or “other bets” were cemented as separate entities that would have to either fail or succeed on their own merits. Recent reports of at

The impact of the Internet on the newspaper industry has been starkly highlighted by a graph released by the US bureau of labour statistics. It shows how employment in that industry in the US has declined by 60% over the past

PayPal is the latest company to join a long list to ditch support for the “fringe” phone operating systems: Microsoft’s Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Amazon’s Fire OS. This decision comes on the heels of Microsoft’s announcement of getting rid of

The world last week was treated to another episode in the saga of discovering the real identify of the person behind the creation of bitcoin. Australian Craig Wright announced to journalists and bitcoin “experts” that he was indeed Satoshi Nakamoto