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Cell C declares war on MTN in new ads


South Africa’s third mobile operator, Cell C, is taking direct aim at its bigger rival, MTN, appealing to the public for support in new YouTube and radio advertisements over mobile termination rates.

The new ads, which can be heard and viewed below, follow MTN’s decision to sue communications regulator Icasa, seeking to have new regulations on termination rates — the fees operators charge each other to carry calls between their networks — set aside and reviewed.

Icasa is lowering the rates, and introducing “asymmetry” that favours smaller operators Cell C and Telkom Mobile, in an effort to force down retail prices and increase competition in South Africa’s mobile sector, which is dominated by MTN and Vodacom.

The new ads are unlikely to go down well at MTN’s headquarters. Although the ads don’t name MTN specifically, it’s clear which company they are referring to.

The radio ad states: “Their [MTN’s] lawyers are going to try and get the regulator to change the regulation it has already made. Where will it get the money? Well, if you’re on their network, every time you make a call, or text, or surf the ‘Net, part of the money you pay could be given to the lawyers who are trying to stop these lower rates.”

Listen to the radio ad:

[audio: https://techcentral.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/F-MTN-radio-ad-20.02.14-TechCentral.mp3]

Watch the YouTube ad:

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