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Now Telkom cuts business prices

Less than a week after announcing sweeping cuts to consumer broadband prices, and introducing unlimited “free” on-network calls, Telkom has now reduced communications costs for business customers, too. The new Unlimited Business

Mobile profits proving elusive for Telkom

Mobile telecommunications helped offset pressures in other areas of Telkom’s business in the third quarter ended 31 December 2015, the company told investors on Monday in a trading and operational update. However, profitability in mobile will take longer

SA’s top urban phone brands

Samsung is the dominant cellphone brand in the minds of urban consumers, according to new research by BMI-TechKnowledge. When asked what handset they would choose in the future, nearly a third of 1 500 survey respondents interviewed in metropolitan areas selected Samsung

Telkom debuts new voice tariffs

Telkom has introduced a range of voice bundles for its mobile subscribers that offer in-bundle calls for as little as 12c/minute. The idea is that once customers have used by their available monthly voice allocation, they can

Telkom ‘uncapped’ LTE suburbs named

Telkom on Wednesday launched its “uncapped” 4G/LTE fixed-wireless broadband service, offering “unlimited” broadband Internet access for prices starting at R599/month. An online sale on the Telkom website is offering the packages to customers

Editor's pick
Price increases could bite mobile operators

South Africa’s big three mobile operators have taken a “short-term view to satisfy their shareholders” by increasing the price of their post-paid packages, a decision that could come back to haunt them in the longer term. That’s one of the conclusions

SA mobile contract price hikes unjustified: study

Local mobile operators’ claims that rising input costs are fuelling contract price hikes are not reflected in these companies’ financial statements, says a research body. Research ICT Africa has put together a research brief that asks whether

MTN trails in customer satisfaction

MTN is below par when it comes to customer satisfaction, while Telkom’s mobile arm is a leader among mobile operators, new research purports to show. The South African Customer Satisfaction Index (SAcsi) surveyed more than

Duncan McLeod
Open up networks for cheaper mobile data

Internet service providers have done a commendable job of bringing down the cost of fixed-line broadband in South Africa. Although the actual connection fees to Telkom remain high (thanks to Telkom’s monopoly over the “last mile” into homes), the price of uncapped and

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