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Telkom set to quit Pretoria?

Telkom is giving serious thought to relocating its head office from downtown Pretoria to facilities closer to Johannesburg – at its campus in Highveld in Centurion – in a move designed mainly to cut costs, according to its group CEO, Sipho Maseko. Nothing is confirmed at this stage, but it’s understood

Public Wi-Fi is key to getting SA online

Regard-van-der-Berg-180Wi-Fi hotspots are popping up everywhere, and access is no longer uncommon in public spaces. Even minibus taxis will soon become Wi-Fi hotspots, with nearly 90% of taxi body Santaco’s fleet earmarked for Wi-Fi deployment over the next three years

MTN won’t get Telkom’s 4G spectrum

MTN will not get access to Telkom’s valuable chunk of 4G/LTE radio frequency spectrum in the 2,3GHz band. The negotiations between the two companies, in which it is proposed that MTN takes over the financial and operational management of Telkom’s radio access network, specifically excludes

Duncan McLeod
Toughest challenges loom for Telkom

Telkom’s share price has risen sharply in the past year on optimism that the new leadership team under CEO Sipho Maseko has what it takes to turn the lumbering telecommunications giant around. Since last June, the share price has gained more than 150%. And since its low point in May last year, it has

Fixed lines drag on Telkom

Fixed lines were again the weakest link in Telkom’s annual financial results. For the year ended 31 March 2014, fixed-line data revenue went into reverse for the first time, recording a decline of 1,1%, while fixed voice and interconnection revenue fell by 7,4%. The company still managed an increase

Minibus taxis to get free Wi-Fi

Santaco, the South African National Taxi Council, will this Thursday announce plans to provide free Wi-Fi Internet access to minibus taxi commuters and around taxi ranks The taxi council is due to launch the service at an event in Orlando West in Soweto on Thursday morning

Icasa’s new service obligations half-baked

In The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell demonstrated how fines that are set too low create the wrong behaviour. Only if they are set right does the required modification occur. I suspect we have a case of this here in South Africa, with the recent universal service obligations imposed on our leading national telecommunications

How Wasps sting consumers

“You’ll need two dozen purple-scented candles and a goat suitable for ritual slaughter. Oh, and about a kilo of salt to draw a pentagram on the floor (blackboard chalk doesn’t work),” read a response to a frustrated consumer on an online forum asking for advice on how to unsubscribe from unwanted mobile

How happy are you with your operator?

South African consumers’ satisfaction with mobile network service providers has remained unchanged in the past year, although their happiness with their retail stores has fallen by…

Gregory Serandos
Everyone wants to be a monopoly

Last week was one of the most interesting in the history of telecommunications in South Africa. Telkom made its second bid in seven years for Business Connexion (BCX), while Vodacom and Neotel came to an agreement on a R7bn acquisition, which, if approved, will finally give the mobile operator a compelling offering in the enterprise

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