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Local mobile operators’ claims that rising input costs are fuelling contract price hikes are not reflected in these companies’ financial statements, says a research body. Research ICT Africa has put together a research brief that asks whether

MTN is below par when it comes to customer satisfaction, while Telkom’s mobile arm is a leader among mobile operators, new research purports to show. The South African Customer Satisfaction Index (SAcsi) surveyed more than

Internet service providers have done a commendable job of bringing down the cost of fixed-line broadband in South Africa. Although the actual connection fees to Telkom remain high (thanks to Telkom’s monopoly over the “last mile” into homes), the price of uncapped and

Any doubt that lower wholesale call termination rates have led to a sharp decline in retail mobile tariffs in South Africa should be put to rest, new research shows. South Africans have benefited directly from a reduction in termination rates – the fees telecommunications

In an attempt to get holidaymakers to fill up at its petrol stations rather than those of its rivals, fuel retailer Engen is introducing Wi-Fi hotspots – with limited free access – at 32 sites set to go live countrywide by mid-December. The petrol stations chosen are along the country’s main highways. Fourteen

In a move that could rattle its competitors’ cages, Telkom has launched a new package, called Unlimited Lite, offering customers unlimited calls to fixed-line networks and to its own mobile network for R599/month. Unlimited Lite is a “lighter version” of Telkom’s Completely Unlimited plan. Unlimited Lite packages are

Telkom wants preferential access to spectrum in the digital dividend bands currently occupied by television broadcasters because historically it has not had access to sub-1GHz spectrum, while its mobile rivals have. The operator should get access to

Expect high drama in South Africa’s mobile industry in coming weeks as Icasa readies new regulations governing call termination rates. What the communications regulator decides will have a big impact not only on the financial health of the

The latest financial results from JSE-listed Blue Label Telecoms, for the year ended May 2014, provide insight into just how challenging telecommunications operator MTN is finding the intensified levels of competition in South Africa’s mobile market