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Countdown to DevConf 2020 for software developers

The countdown to South Africa’s most popular annual software developer event, DevConf, has begun. To be held for the fifth time this year — and for the first ever time virtually — the conference will be held on Thursday, 2 April 2020.

DevConf Live will feature renowned experts in the software development field with cutting-edge topics that are relevant to the industry worldwide. With six speaker tracks and over 40 speakers, covering an immensely wide range of topics that vary from deeply technical to handling mental health in tech and everything in between, this is an event that you just can’t afford to miss.

DevConf organisers Robert MacLean and Candice Herodotou say the conference targets professional software developers, from solo developers to anyone who works in mid- to large-sized organisations, contributing to projects of all sizes.

They say a variety of topics will be discussed including languages and technology, diversity and inclusion, architecture and domain design, and mental health in technology. “The programme will also offer practical advice from experts on how specific problems have been solved and on methodology to work together.”

Keynote speaker and software industry specialist JB Rainsberger’s presentation, titled “The Selfish Team Player”, will focus on mental health in the world of technology, offering techniques to combat stress, burnout and even depression. When asked whether he fixes computers, he answers: “No, I fix programmers.”

MacLean says a sterling line-up of speakers will address delegates at DevConf 2020. An especially hot topic of the moment is remote work, and Pamela Hill (Android engineer at the cryptocurrency start-up Luno) will be discussing how to succeed as a team that isn’t located in the same office, staying collaborative and productive remotely.

Other speakers

Other speakers include well-known software architect Chris Tite, with his talk titled “Turning legacy systems into event streaming marvels: SQL meets Kafka and Event Store”, Clifford de Wit, co-founder of Dexterity Digital, who will explain how to build a “smart home” that works and Vanessa Raath, CEO of The Talent Hunter, on how to stand out in the South African IT industry.

The shift from an in-person event to virtual has been a swift response to the changing business environment and is a first for a South African tech conference of this size.

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